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About Blue River Consulting

BRC was established in 2007 by David Thorne to provide support to the NHS and parallel services to companies looking to improve their interaction with the NHS

David has 35 years experience of senior roles in nursing, hospital management, commissioning, academia, pharma and medtech. He is a national expert on clinical commissioning, primary care federated working and the application of real world data to service redesign

We deploy around 70 different associates each year, throughout the UK and with expertise tailored to assignment

All associates occupy NHS roles so our insights are hard to beat for their authenticity, contemporary accuracy and practical application. If you’re interested in being an associate then click here

We don’t do abstract theory, bizarre concepts or diagrams that baffle. Instead we work alongside doctors, nurses, pharmacists and practice managers every day to improve health care. We understand what policy means in practice for our clients. Therefore we can help those developing innovative medicines, medical technology and software to better understand their customers and contribute increased value to the NHS

Our NHS Work

We spend most of our time in NHS work. All core staff and associates work in roles within the NHS. We have an intimate understanding of NHS formal and informal systems. Our scope covers all clinical and managerial roles and our people are forward-thinking leaders in the new integrated world of health and social care

Our focus is upon GP federations, the primary care home, STPs, ACOs and PLICs

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NHS work we have conducted:

  • support to clinical commissioning
  • major service reviews and redesign implementation
  • marketing and commercial strategy advice to Foundation Trusts
  • business case and procurement bids
  • analysis and training around PLICs as well as discrete event simulation modelling

NHS work we are doing now:

  • management support to Washington Community Health Care, a member of the Sunderland Vanguard MCP programme
  • support to the City and Vale GP Alliance, a federation in and around York
  • developmental support to groups of practices in the south west, the midlands and the north east
  • production of business cases for primary care and secondary care organisations

Our Commercial Work

Few companies can claim to understand the NHS as well as us. We come from the NHS, we work within it every day and we know how to get things done. We “speak NHS” and we can translate it too! Evaluations of our work continually emphasise the same key point – its success is based on its sharp authenticity

We have worked with 100 commercial companies to better align their work to what the NHS and its patients really need. We can also access sources that other companies have not considered as part of building value propositions

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Commercial work we do:

  • NHS Insights training for internal teams, from one hour to three day programmes with input from selected NHS expert speakers
  • Follow the Money – internal team or sponsored customer training on NHS financial flows, PbR, PLICs, primary care finance, value propositions
  • Meet and Move Forward – customised half day service redesign forums with multi-disciplinary delegate input using LEAN techniques
  • Strategic support to marketing teams in developing value propositions and support programmes
  • Business case production and original research
  • Comprehensive real world data analysis

Contacting Us

Our reach is as national as our customer and associate network.We are proudly located in the north east on the largest office park in the UK with access to excellent in-house meeting facilities. There are several hundred free car parking spaces on site and we are well placed for air and rail links
Our base location also places us close to some of the most innovative and highly-performing NHS organisations in the country, as well as international centres for scientific discovery.


Cobalt Business Exchange
Cobalt Park Way
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE28 9NZ


0191 280 4000

We are proudly located in the North East on the largest office park in the UK.


Blue River Consulting has recently joined the Mtech Access family. 

Mtech Access offers global market access services from strategy to implementation. 

David Thorne is now heading-up our NHS insights and interaction services.

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